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With the largest fleet of vehicles, RTT has the capacity to offer a wide range of vehicles to meet the needs and the budget of the customers. Offering the best services and rates in the rent a car industry, we aim to provide a hassle free experience to all our customers.The customers have the options of choosing self drive or chauffeur drive vehicle on long term or short term basis as per the requirements. In the self drive basis, the company handles the entire preventative maintenance requirement while the customer is required to supply the fuel of the vehicle.Our chauffeur drive service is the safest and the most hassle free transportation services to fulfil your transportation needs. This service can be arranged in both short and long term basis and the firm has given a wide range of vehicle to choose from together with a friendly and experienced chauffeur. In terms of an emergency we have set up 24 hour island wide roadside and breakdown assistance service with the collaboration with Rajagiriya Motors (Pvt) Ltd.A replacement vehicle will be provided immediately together with a convenient assistance from our friendly and experienced breakdown assistance team. All our vehicles on offer for self driving are comprehensively insured to ensure you have a hassle free journey in case of any road side emergencies or accidents from start to the end.

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Rajagiriya Tours and Transport (Pvt) Ltd is specialized in undertaking the fleet management service for the leading corporate clients in Sri Lanka. The reputation and trust the company has established during the last 20 years reflects the quality and the safety of the services we offer. We are geared to meet the diverse transport requirements of corporate customers at short notice. We have the experience in providing the best transportation solution for your organization which will save your valuable time and money. We are equipped with ultra modern service and repair centre which will attend to running repairs and maintenance in a timely manner while providing you with a replacement vehicle as required. RTT superior fleet management service enables the companies to streamline their operation, reduce costs and overall increase profits. We handle all the maintenance and licence and insurance renewal and the customers have the access to hassle free transportation serves at their convenience. Among the impressive range of the company’s fleet motor bicycles, luxury cars/ vans,4W/D Jeeps and luxury coaches that are fully insured and comes with inbuilt GPS systems for navigation. The unparallel supportive services such as 24 hour roadside and breakdown assistance ensure the customers are taken care of during the unforeseen circumstances. The service can be arranged in short term or long term basis with a chauffeur or without a chauffeur.

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Don’t risk missing your flight due to traffic or waiting behind We offer airport car services to all the Airports in Sri Lanka. You can always rely on us to provide comfortable and reliable transportation to the destination at the exact time without delays or hassles. Our modern and luxurious vehicles fleet is at your service together with a courteous and experienced chauffeur to make your journey comfortable and hassle free. Our unparalleled roadside assistance service will ensure you will get to the airport on time even in case of an emergency. We offer everything from airport transfers to special event transportation at short notice.

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Weddings and Events

Premium quality vehicles

If you’re searching for beautiful but affordable wedding cars for your memorable day, look no further. Rajagiriya Tours has the premium quality vehicles that can show off the sophistication and luxury of the event. And you can choose the vehicle best suit your taste and the available financial resources. A wider range of wedding cars are available, including special request in order to make it a special day in your life. As part of our complete wedding car rental package you will be provided with well groomed, friendly chauffeur who will be on hand for assistance.

Special Packages

We fulfil our customer requirements

Rajagiriya Tours and Transport (Pvt) Ltd possesses the largest fleet of vehicles with over 800 both luxury and budget friendly vehicles fit to any of the transportation requirements of the customers. We offer competitive rates and value added service to fulfil our customer requirements with efficacy and convenience. Please contact us to arrange transportation service that matches your specific requirements allocated financial resources. We have an extensive experience in arranging travel services for international conferences, gatherings, summits and ministerial meetings.


Rajagiriya Tours & Transport (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing prime quality services to all our customers. In order to implement, maintain and streamline the superior quality of transportation service the company has incorporated the following.

Actively seek feedback and ask questions

Actively seek feedback and ask questions to understand the needs and the aspirations of the customers to render a service that exceed the customer expectations and set new standards in the Sri Lankan transportation industry

Pay careful attention when employing the chauffeurs

Pay careful attention when employing the chauffeurs to select the people who are competent as well as friendly and dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience to the customers.

Regularly conduct training programs

Regularly conduct training programs to update and sharpen the knowledge and skill level of the staff to sustain the envisioned standards of service.

Conduct regular preventive maintenance

Conduct regular preventive maintenance and checkups to maintain the optimal conditions of the vehicles to offer hassle free efficient transportation service.

Collaboration of the sister company- Rajagiriya Motors

With the collaboration of the sister company- Rajagiriya Motors and Services (Pvt) Ltd- the company offer 24 hour road and breakdown assistance service operating in island wide to mitigate the unforeseen circumstances that can arise.

Utilize the best management and cost reduction strategies

Utilize the best management and cost reduction strategies to streamline the business process to offer an exceptional service while maintaining a reasonable price point.

Strongly adhere to the legal and ethical standards of the country

Strongly adhere to the legal and ethical standards of the country and periodically review the impact of the company on the country, the community and the environment to make adjustment where necessary.

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