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About Us

The Company and History

RTT Group- a leading group

Rajagiriya Tours & Transport (Pvt) Ltd is the most preferable transportation services provider with one of the largest fleets in Sri Lanka in possession and serving some of the renowned public and private sector corporate customers in the country.Further, Rajagiriya Tours & Transport is the Parent company of the RTT Group a leading group of companies that caters to such industries as transportation/ automobile, tourism and educational. Operating synergistically, the group has empowered each other to offer an exceptional and unique service in respective industries and established an undisputable reputation for quality and excellence in the fields of operation. Actively managed and owned by its founder, the organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating income during last twenty years. Founded in 1999 as a small entrepreneurial venture by the founder Mr. Nishantha Basnayake, Rajagiriya Tours and Transport (Pvt) Ltd, at present, is a well established transportation solutions provider in the Sri Lankan business arena. The expedited growth of the company can be attributed to the commitment of the founder and the Chairman/Managing Director- Mr. Nishantha Basnayake. His long standing experience and the dedication to listen, communicate, and understand the needs of the customers have enabled him to grow and expand the company within a short period.In the attempt to branch out and diversify its operations the company formed several subsidiaries for different domains of industries and services the each subsidiary specialized in.

Our Vision

To be the industry benchmark and the number one customer choice for all transportation services in the country, we will lead our industry by defining service excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty.

Our Mission

We will ensure a stress-free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to our customers’ individual needs…always conveying the ‘We Try harder spirit with knowledge, caring and a passion for excellence.

Our Values


The company has been operating in accordance with the accepted business ethics and rules and regulations of the country. And we believe integrity is one of the main pillars of success that earn the trust of the customers and the service of our experienced employees.


The journey from a small vehicle rental service to the largest transportation service provider in the country has built on the foundation of trust. The company has won the trust and respect of the most discerning corporate clients by providing the most safest and convenient service to a reasonable price.


The top priority of the company is to ensure the safety and security of the customers. For that regular checkups and maintenance services are carried out for all the vehicles. And the training & evaluation programs are conducted for the chauffeurs to ensure and maintain the highest possible standards for quality and safety of the service. At large the company has recognized the environmental impact of the carbon emission from the vehicles and carries out regular maintenance services to mitigate the carbon emission as much as possible.


We pursue excellence as a value to offer a superior service to the customers. Our team is dedicated to constantly monitor and evaluate the performance to identify the areas that can be improved. And our chauffeurs undergo regular training programs to hone and sharpen their skills and methodologies to offer an unparalleled complete service to the customers.

Why You Choosing RTT


The voyage of the company from a small entrepreneurial venture to currently a leading vehicle rental service of the island provides ample testimony to the superior and trusted service of the Rajagiriya Tours. Further the reputation and the trust we have built with the leading corporations in Sri Lanka positions the company as the pioneer in transportation service industry in Sri Lanka.


Luxury car will make the necessary status to your event, whether it’s business or pleasure. Luxury car rental – its impeccable service and maximum comfort. Our staff is always ready to provide assistance and support in choosing a prestige car, to provide you with information about our services. We are always ready to offer cars that meet the most demanding requirements and high expectations


Being the leading vehicle rental and transportation service provider and driven by a mission to make out superior service accessible to the every citizen, the company is focusing on maintaining an affordable yet competitive pricing scheme. Even though there are periodical price revisions due to economic reasons, we have introduced packages for both high end and budget conscious customers alike.


Our highly effective and quick support system help our customers at any time they need. Our 24×7 support system ensures that each and every customer’s query is acknowledged and relevant solution is provided on top-urgent basis, because we believe that the customers’ satisfaction is the soul of our business.


ETC card rental services are available at rental locations.Toll fees will be calculated when you return your car and ETC card.The ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system enables drivers to pay toll fees without stopping at a toll gate. Tolls are charged based on the total amount of recorded usage in the IC chip of the ETC card.


The company’s superior service is completely focused on meeting and exceeds the customer expectations. The company understands and communicates the changing needs and transportation expectations of the customer to streamline and modify our operations to best meet those needs and the expectations with quality and personal touch.


Being a fully fledged transportation service provider, Rajagiriya Tours & Transport has introduced the 24/7 alert service for the unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances. Teaming up with the Rajagiriya Group, our alert service operates all across the island with the dedication of the company staff.


Ragagiriya Tours & Transport is the largest car rental service operating in Sri Lanka for both the company owned and hired which range from luxury to budget friendly vehicles for corporate and individual use.


English language voice navigation and text (for some features) is available on the car navigation systems of most of our passenger vehicles and wagons!

Cars 48%
Double Cabs 9%

The Largest Fleet of Vehicle in Sri Lanka

RTT has acquired the largest market share in the vehicle rental and fleet management services in Sri Lanka. And we manage & maintain the largest collection of vehicle consisting of modern luxury vehicles to general motor vehicles to meet the diverse needs and expectations of the individual & corporate clients successfully. And we continue to expand our fleet via the partnerships & acquisitions to meet the changing requirements of the clients & the industry.