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How to Make a Reservation

You can make a reservation by simply visiting one of our offices or via the following electronic communications.
• Telephone
• Email
• website

What are The Documents Required for a Reservation?

The following documents are required for the reservation.
• For Individual Customer
• National Identity card (NIC) or Passport
• Driving License
• Billing proof
• For Corporate Customer
• Business registration
• Form 20
• User National Identity card (NIC)
• User Driving License

What are The Policies Regarding Accidents and Insurance?

All the vehicles of RTT are fully insured. In case of an accident the customer must contact the insurance company to make a claim. Failing this, RTT charge from the customer to cover the damage.

What are The Returning Policies of The RTT?

What are the returning policies of the RTT? The return policy is depending on the agreement between RTT and the customer. However, the customer can return the vehicle prior to the due date.

What is The Fuel Policy of RTT?

RTT does not provide fuel for Self-driven vehicles.

What are The Operating Hours of Fleet Management?

What are the operating hours of Fleet Management? From 8.30am to 5.30 pm on working days.
From 8.30am to2.00 pm on Saturdays.
However we provide 24 hour roadside assistance for any inquiry. Also we provide another vehicle for any unexpected breakdown or accident.

Are There Mileage Restrictions?

Minimum 100km per day for short term agreement, for long term agreements got fixed mileage.

What are The Payment Options?

What are the Payment Options? We Accept Cash, Credit Cards and Cheques.

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