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Service Quality Policy


Rajagiriya Tours & Transport (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing prime quality services to all our customers. In order to implement, maintain and streamline the superior quality of transportation service the company has incorporated the following.

Actively seek feedback and ask questions to understand the needs and the aspirations of the customers to render a service that exceed the customer expectations and set new standards             in the Sri Lankan transportation industry.

Pay careful attention when employing the chauffeurs to select the people who are competent as well as friendly and dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience to the                   customers.

Regularly conduct training programs to update and sharpen the knowledge and skill level of the staff to sustain the envisioned standards of service.



Conduct regular preventive maintenance and checkups to maintain the optimal conditions of the vehicles to offer hassle free efficient transportation service.

With the collaboration of the sister company- Rajagiriya Motors and Services (Pvt) Ltd- the company offer 24 hour road and breakdown assistance service operating in island wide to                   mitigate the unforeseen circumstances that can arise.

Utilize the best management and cost reduction strategies to streamline the business process to offer an exceptional service while maintaining a reasonable price point.

Strongly adhere to the legal and ethical standards of the country and periodically review the impact of the company on the country, the community and the environment to make                           adjustment where necessary.