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The Largest Service Provider in Sri Lanka

We has become the leading transportation service provider with the most impressive fleet of vehicles owned and managed by the company. Most importantly we exclusively cater to the corporate clients for their transportation requirements while successfully meeting the needs of the individual clients as well.


Corporate Clients

Individual Clients

Sri Lanka’s Most Preferable Service Provider

Rajagiriya Tours  Sri Lanka’s leading rent a car service provider with over twenty years of proven track record. we offer convenient rent a car service for short term and long term. basis for individuals and corporate clients in Sri Lanka. Also we pride itself for owning and managing the largest fleet of vehicles in the country enabling the firm. We can offer extensive choices of vehicles as per the diverse requirements of the customers. Our team includes trained vehicle experts and customer care representatives who walk you through the vehicle rental process. so you can enjoy your favorite car without worrying about the application process.



RTT group is a diversified group of companies operating in such sectors as vehicle fleet management, vehicle repair & service, education services etc. In addition Our group has established a stronghold in the automobile industry in Sri Lanka. by strategically positioned itself in vehicle rental/fleet management, repair & service markets and maintaining a filling station.

Rent a Car